The best views in Salvador, Brazil

The starting point is at our Pousada, located in Pelourinho, Historic Center of Salvador. With only a 10 minute walk you can reach the first and probably the most famous view:
1. Lacerda Municipal Square and Elevator

The Municipal Square of Salvador is considered the cradle of Brazilian civilization since it was the first square of the town, where Tomé de Sousa, in 1549, gathered all the public buildings. There are located the Rio Branco Palace and the famous Lacerda Elevator. From the place it is possible to have a view of the Bay of All Saints including the Mercado Modelo, São Marcelo Fortness and the whole lower city of Salvadorforming a beautiful scenery
2. Largo do Santo Antônio beyond Carmo

The historic district of Santo Antônio has a famous square with the Church of Santo Antônio Além do Carmo and the Capoeira Fort. From here you can have a beautiful view of Salvador's downtown  and the incredible Bay of All Saints. Nearby, many bars and restaurants also house very special lookouts.

3. Barra Lighthouse

Built in 1698, it was the second lighthouse in the entire American continent. Today it is preserved, restored and has a nautical museum inside. After a visit to the museum, you can climb to the highest point of the lighthouse and enjoy a unique view. On one side the Atlantic Ocean, on the other, the Bay of All Saints, as well as a view of the traditional neighborhood of Barra
4. Christ Hill

Also located in the neighborhood of Barra, it is possible to find a hill with a monument that was carved by the Italian Pasquale de Chirico, and brought to Bahia in 1920. From the place you can enjoy a beautiful view of the beach of Barra, bathed by the Atlantic and the famous Farol da Barra. From the place are taken photos that often go to the postcards of the city of Salvador.
5. Fort of Nossa Senhora de Monte Serrat

The fort is located in a small elevation, in Ponta de Humaitá, neighborhood of the Bonfim, suburb of Salvador. Built between 1591 and 1602, the site around the fort provides beautiful views, ranging from the tallest buildings in Salvador in the neighborhoods of Vitória and Graça, to the Islands located in Todos os Santos Bay and municipalities in the metropolitan region of Salvador. The place is very frequented by locals that want enjoy a beautiful sunset.