Continuing our walk along Salvador's most famous avenue, we start here by the Board Road. Up on the slope is the Church of Victory, the second oldest in the country. Already located? Well! This part of the Avenue carries the same name, and its famous Corridor shelters in its extension shelters fundamental parts of Soteropolitan culture and architecture. Welcome to Avenue Seven Part II: Victory District. Its name honors the heroic conquest during the Two of July, the Independence of Bahia, when the soldiers of Bahia freed the city of the Portuguese, baptizing to call the place of Corridor of Victory. This beautiful tree-lined neighborhood is home to three important spaces that you can not miss: The Art Museum of Bahia (installed in the Palacium of Vitória, an attraction in its own right, with some 5000 works and a specialized library) the Carlos Costa Pinto Museum 9 (with collections of jewels and silverware from the end of the 19th century) and the Geological Museum of Bahia (where replicas of gems, meteorites and precious stones are exhibited and walks with a Cinema with alternative films). Whether its Portuguese stone sidewalk or the trees that make a delicious shade under who walks the Corridor, Vitoria is a great place for a walk in the fresh air, have an ice cream and get to know some of this charming neighborhood. Do not miss it. Vitoria is just a few minutes away from Pousada Solar dos Deuses! Come and meet us!