In the Itapagipe Peninsula, in the Lower City, surrounded by the Bay of All Saints, overlooking the Tainheiros Cove, a place is awakened by the fact that the residents put chairs at the doors of the houses to enjoy the twilight and play dominoes. This is the neighborhood of Ribeira!


Time seems to have stopped at Ribeira, whose centennial mansions refer to the golden age of the suburban factories. Perhaps because of this nostalgia, the bohemian charm of the neighborhood is so attractive, with its bars, perfect for a cold drink and tasting of snacks from Bahian cuisine. The tables are facing the sea, where boats can be seen docked and crossing the cove to the suburb of the city on the other side, where the boats circulate with parsimony. Its beaches are calm waters and narrow strips of sand,


An ice cream more than special (be sure to visit the newly opened Ice Cream Museum) during a magnificent sunset. These are just a few attractions of Ribeira, the traditional neighborhood of charms and mysteries. Do you want to meet the true Savior? Stay with us at Solar dos Deuses, in the heart of the city center and take a day to get to know the day and night of Ribeira.