Reopening of the Basilica Cathedral of Salvador

After several months of restoration and conservation, the Cathedral Basilica of Salvador prepares to reopen the public. Do not miss the chance to get to know one of the most beautiful buildings of Bahia and Brazil, located in Pelourinho, historic center of Salvador!
Check here a little of the history of the Cathedral:

When the Jesuits arrived in Salvador in 1549, they founded a small chapel dedicated to Nossa Senhora da Ajuda, within the walls of the city. But after donating land outside the walls, they founded the Boys' College in 1550, with its chapel.

The current church is the fourth church to be erected in the same place. The foundation of the project is uncertain and its cornerstone was built in 1657 and inaugurated and consecrated in 1672. The frontispiece was completed around 1679, the bells came from Portugal only in 1681, the towers were finished in 1694 and the interior decoration stretched much longer. In 1746 statues were installed on the facade.
Although it was built during the Baroque period, the architecture of the Cathedral has a Mannerist style. The lining of the façade and interior was imported from Portugal expressly for the construction. The cathedral has a single nave, a main chapel lined with two small chapels, plus two chapels in the transept and others along the nave. The decoration of the secondary chapels is uneven and difficult to date, having been ornamented in different periods and several times reformed between the XVII and XVIII centuries, assuming baroque characteristics. In them they worked several artists, among them the carver João Correia, the brothers Luis Manuel Trigueiros and Domingos Trigueiros, and the painters Domingos Rodrigues and Eusébio de Matos.

Both internal and external restaurations are under IPHAN's supervision. Do not miss the opportunity to get to know one of the most beautiful historical buildings in Brazil.