Places in Salvador from the novel Segundo Sol

The novel Segundo Sol has been very successful among the Brazilian viewers. We from the Pousada Solar dos Deuses prepared a list with some of the places where Beto Falcão, Karola, Luiza, Cacau, Valentim, Rosa and many others live and frequent during the novel. Best of all is that most of them are just a few minutes walk from our Pousada!


The place where the characters of the novel recorded several scenes of the novel, the Pelourinho is a historical patrimony of the humanity tilted by the UNESCO and counts on pavement in stones and a great amount of colored houses of Portuguese architecture and diverse churches with influence in the Baroque and Rococo. In Pelourinho there are several museums, music and dance shows, restaurants and bars that attract not only tourists but also the locals who come to enjoy all the unique atmosphere that this neighborhood can offer. Most of Salvador's most visited tourist attractions are in Pelourinho, such as São Francisco Church, Basilica Cathedral, Lacerda Elevator, Rio Branco Palace and Santa Casa de Misericórdia, and a few meters from Mercado Modelo.
Mercado Modelo

Situated in the Lower City area just in front of the Lacerda Elevator, Mercado Modelo has an important history for the city of Salvador. Today it is a large center for the sale of handicrafts and souvenirs and has a restaurant on the second floor, where scenes of the soap opera were recorded with a beautiful view of our maritime terminal.
Bahia Marina

The most beautiful and famous marina of Salvador also had its moments of fame during the recording of the novel. Located on Avenida Contorno, the Marina is not exclusive only for those who have a luxury boat, and has an excellent structure for visitors. Several prestigious restaurants are located on the premises with a breathtaking view. But be aware that the best tables (overlooking the sea) must be booked in advance!
Fort of Capoeira and Santo Antônio Beyond Carmo
The neighborhood of Santo Antônio is probably the place that most appears in the novel, where the characters Agenor and Nice have their home. The place is full of old mansions inhabited and has several restaurants, bars and cafes with an incredible view of the Bay of All Saints. In a few minutes walk you can reach Largo do Santo Antonio, where some of the opening scenes of the soap opera appear. Just in front of the Largo is the Capoeira Fort, a historic building from the 17th century where the scene of Icaro was recorded practicing capoeira.