With its characteristic Baroque buildings from the 17th and 18th centuries, the Pelourinho is considered Unesco World Heritage Site, and is home to Afro-Brazilian roots and energies.
The historic center of Salvador has a rich cultural variety. Here the fun and absorption of the local culture emanates from the stones that fit the streets. Diversity exposed in bars, cafes, restaurants, crafts, music, museums, theaters and shops. Besides the churches and squares that increase the charm of this place full of good vibration.

 The Square of Pedro Arcanjo, Tereza Batista, Quincas Berro d'água and the Terreiro de Jesus, shake the place with its diversity of fixed and seasonal cultural attractions that leave Bahians and tourists full of options such as shows, plays, group presentations Capoeira and much more.

Regardless of your belief or religion it is impossible not to overlook the beauty and exuberance of Catholic buildings, which represent the faith of Bahians ecumenically.

Pelourinho is a piece of Brazilian history that can not be missed and our Boutique Hotel stays in the heart of this ex-libris of Salvador, Bahia.


Taxi from the Airport:
At the arrivals you will find two types of taxi: by taximeter or with fixed price.Final destination: Largo do Cruzeiro de São Francisco, in front of Largo do Terreiro de Jesus.

Bus from the airport:
In addition to the Executive Bus option, with Air conditioning, there is also the Shuttle First Class Bus with tickets available in the arrivals hall. You will drop off in final stop: "Praça da Sé". Walk for 10 minutes towards Largo do Cruzeiro de São Francisco.
From the Maritime Terminal:
If you are arriving from Morro de São Paulo you can take a taxi from the Terminal. But if you do not have heavy luggage you can walk for 5 minutes to Elevador Lacerda. More 5 minutes walking and you will arrive in the Largo do Cruzeiro de São Francisco.

Rented car:
The easiest access is through Largo do Terreiro de Jesus. There are private parking options near the Church of San Francisco.

We can also organize a private transfer. Ask for more information.