The smell of the acarajés and abarás begins to attract the movement at the end of the Friday. The bars open up invading the sidewalks and the cobbled streets, beginning the busy night in a peculiar region of the center of the city. Located in Nazaré, the Bairro da Mouraria, attracts more and more diverse visitors at the weekends. The aesthetics of the neighborhood is an attraction to part with façades of historic mansions, now tumbled.


Especially at football stadium weekends at the next stadium, visitors come from all corners to taste aratu, crab cake, octopus with vinaigrette or a grilled cheese. But the most famous dish served in the surrounding bars is the scooter. The fruit of the sea is the attraction that definitely put Mouraria on the gastronomic route of the city.


The setting for the recording of the classic film Dona Flor and Seu Dois Husidos, inspired by the work of Bahia writer Jorge Amado, Bairro da Mouraria, lost in the time of an older and glamorous Salvador, is an excellent tip for a night of good fun. Another great plus is its location. Next to Nazaré, Arena Fonte Nova and Barbalho and around streets and hills that are ten minutes from Pelourinho, where is located the Pousada Sola dos Deuses. Do not miss it!