How to get to Pelourinho from the airport

The biggest entrance gate for visitors to Salvador is its international airport, and there are several ways to get to Pelourinho. Check here all the options!

Public transportation

The most recommended way is to take line 2 of the subway to the Acesso Norte station, and from there connect with line 1 to Campo da Polvora station. From Campo da Pólvora to Pelourinho it is about 1 km on foot. This route is not recommended for people traveling with large and heavy luggage or with  locomotion issues, since the route counts on the descent and the ascent of relatively steep slopes.
Private Bus Lines

There are companies that offer the shuttle bus service to various hotels in Salvador departing directly from the airport. However, buses are not allowed in Pelourinho, so they stop at Praça da Sé station, near the Lacerda Elevator. The route should be completed on foot for about 1 km. This route is not recommended for people traveling with large and heavy luggage or with locomotion issues, besides the stone floor of the Pelourinho may not help to carry luggage with casters.
Taxi or Uber

The Uber app or the Taxi offer the private transportation service to Pelourinho. The journey takes an average of 40 minutes (depending on traffic), and can be arranged directly at the airport. For common taxis (white with blue and red stripes) the taximeter always works on flag 2. In addition to these, several taxi cooperatives are available in the arrivals area of ​​the airport, and the price is tabulated.

Executive Transportation

For those who like exclusivity and comfort this is the best option. The driver will be awaiting you in the arrivals hall holding a sign with your name on it. This service is private and an executive car will be used. The transfer to our Pousada lasts on average 40 minutes,  and can be arranged directly with us, making your arrival or departure experience much more enjoyable.