From St. Peter's Clock, the beautiful monument of 1916, we have an idea of ​​the extension of the place. The sea of ​​people, the infinity of shops and varied trades in the main urban road of the city says much of the place, stage of historical narratives and immeasurable architectural legacy. We are talking about Sete de Setembro Avenue.


                We began this series with the District of St. Peter. It begins in the region of Largo do Campo Grande where is located one of the most important symbols of the Independence of Bahia, the figure of Caboclo, monument to Dois de Julho. We also recommend a visit to Praça da Piedade later. Renovated in 1998, it was surrounded by ornate grilles by the artist Carybé. The Piedade was the stage of the execution of the four conjurers of the Tailors' Revolt and worth the visit only for this reference in our history. There in people, for those who enjoy Architecture, a full plate is the Monastery of St. Benedict, an eclectic and centenary building.


Avenida Sete is a landmark in urban planning in the Bahian capital. It is located in the city center a few minutes from Pelourinho, where is the Pousada Solar dos Deuses. Stay with us and do not miss out!